Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Turtles in Malaysia

There are 7 species of existing sea/ marine turtles in the world, and Malaysia waters host 4 of them (haha, 4?)

* Leatherback/ Penyu Belimbing (‘facing extinction’, but I ‘realistically’ say locally extinct liao)
* Green/ Penyu Agar
* Hawksbill/ Penyu Karah atau Penyu Sisik
* Olive Ridley/ Penyu Lipas – tak pernah pun aku dengar pasal penyu jenis ini bertelur kat mana-mana pantai Malaysia... Hmmmm...


CH Voon said...

how to prevent?

dont eat turtles eggs lo

waiyoke said...

1. our government should make it illegal to possess, collect, sell, buy or consume turtle eggs, and their body parts
2. fishermen to use turtle excluding device in fishing activities
3. government should put more (more and MORE) commitment and effort to secure their nesting beaches

...then... maybe the ones we still have now can last longer.... T_T