Wednesday, 7 May 2008

走马看花伦敦四小时游 1/4day trip to London City

走马看花伦敦四小时游 -省钱促销!


10.30am 在白金汉宫铁栅霸位,占个漂亮的位置。11.15am,室外禁卫军换班仪式开始。操步,奏乐。禁卫军都戴着大黑熊毛帽,穿红衣,酷毙了!过程12.30pm 结束。
午餐可在Green Park享用。这里有很多大树,绿莹莹的,很舒服。
步行到鸽子广场(Trafalgar Square)。拍照留念吧。旁边的National Gallery入场是免费的,可是时间有限,我们暂且不进。途中可和帅阿兵哥拍照,可是他是不会动,也不会理睬你的哦!
再步行到Horse Guard,和马拍照耶!
再步行到大笨钟(Big Ben & House of Parliament)拍照。可入场参观。
西敏寺Westminster Abbey。这里是皇室聚办重要典礼之处、是间博物馆。入场10磅,自付。
再步行到Westminster Cathedral。是一间教堂,很庄严、神圣(可是暗暗的)。我尊重这里的规则,不可拍照。所以拿了印有教堂内部照片的传单,留作纪念。



Quarter's Day Trip to London City - Money Saver Promotion

All you need is an Oyster Card, with enough credit for you to reach London City (and to return also); bring your own lunch pack

10.30am, get the best (if you can) vantage point by the rails. The ceremony took place at 11.15am, until 12.30pm. Guards in their red uniform and bearskin hats marched, and visitors were snapping their cameras.

You can have your lunch at Green Park.

Walk to Trafalgar Square, and take photos, of yourself and many other people. Beside the Square stood the National Gallery, admission free. Due to time constrain, we'll move on to the next stop.

Walk to Houses of Parliament, and Big Ben. Take photos. Admission allowed.
Walk down to Victoria Street, and there is Westminster Abbey. This place is used for royal ceremonies, admission 10pds/ adult.

Then walk down to Westminster Cathedral, a Roman Catholic Church. Admission free, but donation suggested. Distinctive. Well, respect the rules, no photographing inside the cathedral.

That's it. I didn't use a single penny to visit some of the 'must-see' places in London. And oh, I did see the London Eye, behind other beautiful buildings.

Actually, I was going for an interview at Victoria Street, so I just took the chance to walk around... I will definitely come again, when funds are sufficient. Anyway, as posted by Doris my housemate, I'm not travelling back to Malaysia in a week's time, why rush?

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