Thursday, 15 May 2008

歌舞剧 Musical NEVER FORGET

哇,今天我去看了一场歌舞剧,NEVER FORGET。

说的是五个青年组织一个歌唱团体,他们的友谊和爱情及其考验。故事剧情虽然不新鲜,但对白幽默风趣。部分歌曲拿自Take That团体的歌,演员们的歌声、舞蹈、演技、默契都很好,观众也很热情互动。乐队可是live band哦,绝对不是录音的。




I went to a musical today, at Savoy Theatre, Covent Garden. It's fantastic.
The musical NEVER FORGET is about 5 young men forming a band, their friendship, loyalty, love, and the challanges put to them, featuring Take That's songs. It really has a sense of humuor in it.

Casts are great, beautiful songs and dances. So were the band, and of course the audience.

I am really happy to be there, thanks to nghy, who got the tickets for us. Oh, and I met new friends to, a jovial and funny couple :)

Am I lucky?!

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