Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Apple cake - Attempt No.1

Out of sudden I am very interested in cooking and baking.
I found a very useful book in the library How to feed your whole family by Gill Holcombe (ISBN 978-1-905862-15-3).

The book introduced cooking and baking using simple, inexpensive and healthy approach.

My first attempt to bake an apple cake had failed, although I think the pictures were nicely taken. The outside is like biscuit but the inside is not even cooked!

So were the few first-attempts to bake a simple cheese biscuit (without cheese taste), courgette scones (plain flour taste and has nothing resemblance of a scone), mixed fruits muffins (oddly shaped and looks more like small cakes than muffins, and taste neither like one).

I should have taken the pictures of those.

Paon said it seems that I have higher success rate in cooking than in baking. I cannot agree more.

P/S: I wanted to cook local meals using local ingredients, because I find it difficult to prepare my home country dishes using local ingredients... and eating is one of the many ways to experience the lifestyle here...locally.


paon said...

Am waiting your more menus.....because of you,our 74 harold rd house full of home feeling although food not very tasty la..HAHA! gambateh

waiyoke said...

walau-a, u r so honest!